About Anamorphic

Anamorphic – formed again.

What the heck is this Anamorphic thing?
This little experiment is a collection of film & book reviews and some other random writings.

Who the f*ck are you?
Sidharth. Or ‘King’ Sidharth as I, pompously, like to put it. I am an entrepreneur, artist and a designer. I love reading books and watching films. You can read more about me here.

Why are you doing this, again?
To practice expressing opinions & thoughts (often as a substitute for creating) as a guilty pleasure. Let me explain:

1. To Practice Writing
I like writing & expressing ideas and I love watching films & reading. These interests come together in form of reviews and reflections.

Writing is easy. Editing is hard. And writing to express your thoughts on someone else’s work is extremely hard. So many things to analyze, reflect upon and express.

It requires thinking, rethinking, writing and shit loads of rewriting and editing.

Main purpose of doing this experiment is to practice writing and editing. I think this will help me express my ideas and thoughts better.

Btw, by editing I mean non grammatical editing. I suck at spellings and grammar.

2. To Feel Important
Creating is hard. It takes great deal of pain, effort, sleepless nights and drugs to create movies, books and other work of art. I am creating; but in some other field.

Having an opinion is an easy substitute. It’s a guilty pleasure to have opinion and it is a selfish drug to feel that the opinion matters.

3. To Document A Journey
I am obsessed with documenting. I used to a keep personal diary as an 8th grade school kid. After years, it’s fun to go back and compare how I used to think, what my perspective on life was and other things.

Writing is a reflection on my thinking process. Years later, I would like to go back and see what I thought about, how I thought and how I expressed it.

PS: IMO, creators are always way ahead of people who have just an opinion. I don’t think I am better than anyone who has created what I am judging. That’s not the purpose of this experiment.