Accidentally In Love by Nikita Singh

The novella, if it can qualify as that? Let’s just say the very long story is about Chhavi Mukharjee, a young model, who falls in sex (and then) love with a hot & handsome photographer – Tushar. (Think Edward Cullen)

The protagonist, Chavvi, has loads in the. Not the real, hot or sensual sex; but teenage, dreamy, it-must-be-like-it sex. Heck, leave the sex the whole story is a teenage girl dream. There is hardly any substance in the book. You can count the characters on your fingers and it’s barely one plot with a single conflict.

Even though the book feels insufficient, teenage-dreamy and depth-less. Her writing style is gripping and honest.

She doesn’t refrain from presenting a confused state of mind of her characters, many writers shy away from that. She knows how to handle a delicate situation and build up emotions. Some of the conversations are very realistic and often made me laugh, literally.

The climax was dangerously close to being yet-another-bollywood-shit. But her writing style saved it.

Nikita Singh has talent, especially when it comes to expressing emotions. Would love to see her attempt some real story.

A dreamy throw-away past-time Chick-Lit. Don’t expect much.  A perfect commercial product for teenage girls.

The book cover is crap, looks like someone trying to learn Photoshop put it together. The book is typeset well – easy to read.

PS: Interesting chapter titles, good use of clichés.

PPS: I still don’t get the relevance of the title.