Come On Inner Peace by Sachin Garg

The novel is a sequel to ‘Never Let Me Go‘ (I have not read that). The story begins on a gloomy note where Samar, the protagonist and narrator, is crushed after losing the love of his life. Soon he is on his way to an ashram in Rishikesh to find his inner peace.

On his way he meets Vandana – an annoying middle-aged women who doesn’t dress her age. And in Ashram he meets Swami ji – these people turn his life around. That’s the peak of this novel – right in the beginning. After that, it’s all a disaster.

The worst crime an author can commit is plagiarism. And Sachin Garg committed it with utter shamelessness. Ethics apart, it is stupid to steal from a popular TV show, Breaking Bad in this case, in a country where youth is hooked on to them.

His story turns to meth and a friend suffering from lung cancer. The incident of Red-phosphorus explosion. Point to point stolen from Breaking Bad. I wonder how Sachin manages to keep his inner peace after committing such a crime.

Either you think people are sheep and will not notice; or you just don’t give a fuck because you own the publishing house.

Writing style is alright, gripping at times. But the narration style is confused. From being narrated in past tense it suddenly (just for once) turns to tell you that till date he, narrator (or author?), drinks herbal tea because he developed a taste for it in the ashram. Is it a story or an essay?

(Spoiler Alert) And when Vandana dies without telling much – he still knows, in detail down to hour, what happened when he was away. The Bollywood style flashback is missing a song sequence.

The story rushes through everything. Sachin doesn’t know how to mount a situation or build-up a scene or emotions. Motives of characters and driving forces come out of thin air and are childish. Even stories told to kids are better thought about.

Navya Sharma, one of the most sought after characters in the story, literally, is left so untouched and unexplored. She ain’t real, by the end you will know nothing about her.

There is hardly any enjoyable narration. Author seems to be more interested in giving gyaan than telling a story. If that wasn’t annoying enough, gyaan coming from someone who shamelessly copies is irony of ironies.

And in the end it falls flat with trying to have a filmy plot. Handling the most emotional parts of story in unbelievably light manner.

A story worth telling, tainted by plagiarism, lack of creativity and talent. Don’t waste your time on this.

PS: I don’t think that after plagiarism and other disaster it matters. But the book cover is horrible. Someone with no sense of aesthetics, typography and consistency put it together with a stock-illustration saint.