Enemy of the State (1998)

An NSA agent (Jon Voight) kills a congress man over surveillance bill; how apt for current times. Well executed. Hooked.

He covers up the murder but a video recording of the whole incident is accidentally made and reaches hands of a lawyer (Will Smith) who is stupid enough to walk into a gang’s den to challenge them. The murderer agent and his NSA goons are after him to get the evidence away, but he has no idea what he has fallen into.

The NSA will give you your right not to be searched without a warrant, but will be publicly after you without chargers.

Helicopters are circling major buildings, firing, car-crashes and remote, ground & satellite surveillance is happening but no one questions this.

People are following a man who doesn’t seem to have any criminal background and is, in fact, a lawyer. No one questions their chief.

A lawyer walks into a mobster’s den to threaten him.

That doesn’t appeal to my logic, at all. Since it’s a motive driven film, without logical motives it doesn’t really work. I tried to like it, but couldn’t.

An NSA engineer recording finally & suddenly decides to think about what’s happening and the record it on audio. Deus ex machina.

I am still not sure what to think of NSA vs Mobster scenes in the end. Really? NSA died at hands of a mobster? And the mastermind was stupid enough to do that?

The action sequences were nice; that was the only thing that kept me going. Some scenes funny and touching as well. But rest of the film didn’t work for me.

American version of police arriving just after the fight is over in a Bollywood film. Illogical stuff.