Ghanchakkar (2013)

It’s one thing to defy genres and make something different. For that you ought to know what you’re doing, which clearly isn’t the case with Ghanchakkar. It’s an interesting plot  but the film is confused about itself. It attempts at being comical suspense thriller but fails to do anyone of them decently. There isn’t much substance to keep you entertained for very long.

Some touches like namak and Hein? are great but after a while they get repetitive. The robbery scenes are very well done, the masks bit was very funny.

In terms of performance this wasn’t Vidya Balan’s best; she does a very unconvincing job of sounding Punjabi with the forced accent. Emran Hashmi disappointed me more than anyone else. In some places he was unbelievably bad – someone is on your chest and beating the shit out of you and you will not even protect yourself? That’s acting.

Ghanchakkar is a half baked dish without salt that will leave you asking, “Hein?”

Honest movie poster by JSB.

PS: “Lazy Lad Saiyaan” and title track “Ghanchakkar” were really good and catchy.