Jobs (2013)

Jobs opens with Steve Jobs revealing the iPod, that’s supposed to be your character introduction. Hey! Everybody knows him! So we are totally allowed to skip the character introductions, right?

Now there is a flash back (for God know’s what reason) where Jobs is in Reeds college campus and has already dropped out. (Why? We don’t know!)

Quickly moving on to an acid trip with his girlfriend (which the writer or film-maker clearly has no experience of) flash India flash suddenly he is interested in computers flash first job at Atari flash Apple flash funding flash girlfriend pregnant (last time you saw her, it was LSD trip) flash Stevie crying… Why? Well who the fuck cares?

For first half we are quickly flipping through pages. Learn these basic quickly; real story comes later.

Woz comes in, Apple is formed and is a big ass company. Now the film stops and catches a breathe. Here comes the story of downfall of Steve Jobs. Which lost it’s emotional value because you haven’t even won sympathy for a character you did not even introduce properly.

In less than 60 seconds you will know about NeXT. Pixar didn’t even exists. And Jobs is back with Apple playing power games. And the end.

Just like that.

I don’t even know where to begin.

  • Storytelling: There is no sense of it. It’s a sheer failure in that department.
  • Characters, their intros, their motivates are lost somewhere.
  • Speed: The film was like a train rushing by, every time you try to board it – it will throw you off in the bushes.
  • You could tell people were acting – especially Ashton Kutcher, at times it felt like he is mocking the man.
  • The film looks nothing like the time it’s supposed to be set in. Even though everyone is wearing bell-bottoms, film looks so 2013. A little bit vintage colour treatment might have done some good.
  • Some shots were way too cheesy. Side smirks, Jobs’s random ahaa moments – just stop already.
  • Wozniak’s character was almost portrayed as comical.

It’s a horrible crime.