Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)

I was reading about my favorite comic strip cartoonist – Bill Watterson when I found Little Nemo by Winsor McCay mentioned as one of his inspirations. While reading more about the strip, I found out about this film – loosely based on his work.

I don’t know what the impact would’ve been if I watched it as a kid. But as an adult, it was a terrific experience. Its like Alice in Wonderland turned into Nemo in Slumblerland! And a tad bit trippy-ness added on top of it. I was about to declare it as a stoner movie – watched best under the influence of Mary Jane. But really this is one heck of an LSD movie. The very opening sequence is straight out of worlds of hallucinations (think Clavin and Hobbes Sunday Specials).

Such raw, wild and creative imagination and wonderful execution with punny & witty dialogues – I feel the writers were on LSD. (I mean that as a compliment, I say same about Pink Floyd). Not to mention the delightful songs and background score.

The plot shakes every known and then and this movie is so much Inception before it was cool. A must watch if you’re anything creative and appreciate art – especially if you’re not a kid. Use this to bring back the child in you.

A nightmare!

Dream? What’s that?

The king of Slumberland is “Morpheus”. It’s a Nightmare. And the royal scepter is so damn powerful with pyjamas on. Just brilliant.