Paperman (2012)

Most of Disney’s animated films are classics. Except for some commercial bull-crap that comes now and then. Apart from their classics and commercials; they produce some brillant short films. Usually, they are showcased before one of their features as an add-on. Paperman is one of them. (It was paired with Wreck-it Ralph)

A boy meets a beautiful girl at a train station. But before he can do a thing; she is gone. He gets a second chance when he spots her right across his window in the opposite building. With only papers to grab her attentions, he makes all the effort he can. It’s a simple story. Though the little magic in the end seems a bit odd. But hey, it’s Disney.

It’s not about the story; but the way it’s told. Delightful and remarkable.

The animation has realistic physics; even with the magic towards the end. It’s grainy black and white visual is something I’ve not seen before. The only colour used – red is a really nice touch . The short is full of symbolism.

Characters come alive instantly with their stereotype setting, physique and behaviour. A confused boy, a lovely girl, scared and mundane workers under an evil boss.

Such storytelling is why I love Disney.

Watch it here: